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Welcome to Crazy Crows, the enchanting abode where lifestyle meets limitless possibilities! Situated in our barn, our content blossoms on our "crazy farm," promising a vibrant blend of color, creativity, and a sprinkle of crow magic.

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Unveiling the Story of Shannon and Shelby

Welcome to the heart of Crazy Crows, where Shannon and Shelby—yes, the dynamic mother-daughter duo—unfolded the wings of their dreams back in 2013. What started as a cozy booth in a Danville consignment shop quickly took flight, soaring into a giant booth at Robin's in Paxton, IL, and eventually breaking ground on their dream store right in Shannon's yard.

We're more than a business; we're a family creating a homey haven for you. So, whether you're here to pick up a delightful scent, learn more about our crafting journey, or just share a virtual cup of iced coffee with us, know that you're always a part of our crazy flock. Cheers to having a crazy good time with us!

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Welcome to our News and Updates hub – your go-to place for all things Three Crows! Here, we share the latest and greatest from Boujee Crow, Crunchy Crow, and Crafty Crow. Stay in the know about glamorous finds, sourdough adventures, crafting inspirations, and more. Our Crazy Farm is buzzing with excitement, and we want you to be part of it!

 Explore the diverse world of lifestyle blogging with Three Crows. Whether you're into glam, sourdough, or crafting, we've got stories, tips, and discoveries waiting for you. Our commitment is to bring joy and inspiration to your day, and our News section is where it all unfolds.

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