How To Make Skittles

How To Make Skittles

I was finally able to get the freeze dryer inside and set up. It was very easy to set up. Blue Alpine’s instructions were very easy to follow. (Thankfully…. I’m not extremely mechanically inclined)

So, they say that skittles are a good thing to freeze dry for your first time, since they take a little amount of time and you get quick results. Skittles it is!
It was extremely easy guys! You literally just pour the skittles on the pan and put in the dryer. Set it to candy and GO!

Two hours later (I think I could’ve done it in one) we had freeze dried skittles. Teal, my granddaughter, loved them!

I’m so excited about this freeze dryer you guys! With the huge garden I’m planning, I’m going to need ways to preserve my produce. I have canned before and I most likely will can some….but I really want to freeze dry most of it if I can. Freeze drying is shelf stable so much longer.

Freeze dried food can last 20-25 years! My kids can eat my meals long after I’m dead and gone! Ok….that is kinda morbid but to me it’s just another bonus to having this at my disposal!

I plan on freeze drying all the things and I will let you know how it goes!

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